YouTube Strategy: Promoting the Channel’s Top Stars

April 16th, 2014

YouTube is promoting its top online video creators in a new multi-channel marketing strategy that involves traditional magazines and TV spots, among other efforts. We think it’s a smart move as far as YouTube strategy goes – it’s a great step in legitimizing online video as a whole and bringing attention to some of the site’s most popular video content, including cooking videos from Chef Rosanna Pansino, featured above.

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Branded Video Done Right: MillerCoors Courts Millennials

April 15th, 2014

How do you prevent your branded video from looking like the “generic ad video” above? (Which is pretty hilarious, by the way.) With some creative strategy and a little personality, says MillerCoors. The adult beverage company is marketing to drinking-age millennials with branded content series that leverage outlets like AOL, Comedy Central and Funny or Die. In one series, Coors Light Untapped, they’re working with Complex Media to create an exclusive show where celebrities share the “bold moves” they made to get where they are today. It’s all a part of MillerCoors’ 50 percent increase in digital video spend. Read more.

Distributing & Marketing Your Online Video Brand

April 14th, 2014

A common mistake  for many brands is that they follow the post and pray method for their online videos. We’re often asked questions by our clients like how to get more views and increase engagement with their branded online videos. Here are a few tips on distributing and marketing your online video from our “How to Brand Your Online Videos” session presented at the 2013 Streaming Media Producer Live Conference.

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Online Video & The Auto Industry: Why Marketers Should Take Note

April 9th, 2014

Online Video & The Auto Industry

When it comes to marketing strategy, the auto industry is synonymous with product placement. But it’s also been among the first to leverage online video. Here are some of our favorite examples of clever car-related online video campaigns.

We’ll start with a recent project that St. Jepan Media contributed to with Buick. Buick sponsored an online video holiday cooking series called Chef Gastronomy starring Chef Judson Todd Allen. The video demonstrates Chef Allen’s traditional recipes with a healthy twist for families.

The Buick logo appears at the beginning of the video and they show Chef Allen driving to a store in a Buick Regal to pick up ingredients – but that’s really it.

It may not seem like a lot off the bat, but it’s actually a great example of personality marketing. Buick is aligning itself with Chef Allen’s image – a young, hip and creative family man.

Just the type of guy Buick wants to attract.

Back in 2009, Ford approached Olga Kay, a well-known YouTube personality covering topics from video games to women’s beauty. They gave her a free car and gasoline for a year. Olga’s call to action was featuring her Ford car in a video once a month on one of her YouTube channels.

Unlike product placement in TV or film – where the car would likely be shown just once – Ford was put in front of Olga’s 700,000+ subscribers on a regular basis for 12 months straight.

Hyundai also targeted a younger demographic when they partnered with the Students of the World – a national network of university students and creative professionals that produce media to inspire social action.

As part of the campaign, Hyundai sponsored 16th Street – a 3-part video series that celebrates the creative process by bringing together emerging filmmakers, a dancer and a musician to create a film in Oakland’s historic 16th Street Station.

Hyundai is getting even more bang for the buck because the series is airing on YouTube and the Pivot TV channel, the same millennial-aimed network that airs Hit Record on TV.

Finally, there’s BMW’s Preparing for the Future,  a partnership with Team USA in preparation for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. We see a lot more of the BMW logo, but the practice bobsleds used by Team USA in this video were designed by BMW.

Overall, the video is edgy, sleek and does a great job of showing the emotional build up to the Winter Olympics. The athletes talk about their intense training and high standards. BMW is drawing the parallel of how an Olympic athlete’s process is similar to their manufacturing model with precision, speed and control. Sound like a BMW to you?

While all of the examples mentioned take different approaches and target various demographics, they all have one goal in common. They’re creating original and engaging video content that appeals to their intended audience.

What was your favorite series? Tell us in the comments below!

Using iShowU HD Pro Screen Captures with Adobe Premiere Pro

March 31st, 2014

Screen captures are a great way to showcase your computer screen for tutorials and educational online videos. Check out the video tutorial and our post on the Streaming Media Producer website on using iShowU HD Pro to record screen captures and then import them into Adobe Premiere Pro.