How the iPad 3 Will Change Online Video

March 13th, 2012

Apple’s new iPad (unofficially being called the iPad 3) has a list full of features that enthusiasts and tech geeks are drooling over at your local coffee shop as we speak. Even months before its release, bloggers were buzzing with speculation on what the new model might include.

So with all this hype about the retina display and A5X graphics chip, I thought I’d take a few minutes to highlight what the ultimate iPad will mean for online video with insight from Microchip Technology Engineering Manager Joe Julicher.

“The retina display essentially improves media like e-books and websites,” explains Julicher. “And the additional resolution will also contribute to sharper looking video.”

Besides the benefits of the retina display, I was also interested in hearing Joe’s thoughts on the increased display size.

“The current display on the iPad 2 is 1024×768 pixels, while the iPad 3 resolution is 2048×1536 pixels. Downloaded and stored video will look significantly better with the new iPad,” he said.

And what about the new wireless technology? Explains Julicher:

“The new wireless technology on the 4G-equipped unit is where you’ll see the strongest online video benefits. Higher resolution and faster video streaming capabilities means you can watch high-definition video using just the iPad carrier’s 4G network.”

Julicher adds that Skype and Facetime with video speeds will also be much more reasonable on the carrier network.

While the retina display, battery life, and improved graphics chip will make videos look better, the increased WiFi in the iPad 3 is going to take online video to another level. With Apple dominating the market share of tablets, you can bet that distribution companies, networks and online video publishers will take advantage of providing more content to one of the world’s most popular mobile devices.

Not to mention that a recent Forrester report explained that mobile video traffic exceeded 50 percent for the first time in 2011 (source The new iPad features will surely play a huge role in the growth of online video in 2012. 

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