Online Video Marketing

At St. Jepan Media, our creative and targeted online video marketing strategy is about engaging your audience and building brand reputation. We’re experts in:

  • Online Video Distribution: Posting to your website is a start, but are you reaching the growing audience that’s watching video on their tablet, smartphone or gaming console?
  • Social Media: More than 72 hours of video will be posted to YouTube by the time you are done reading this section. Do you know where to find your customers? Or, more importantly, do they know where to find you?
  • Online Video Platforms: Take advantage of brand customizable players, social sharing, content curation, simple video management, and streamlined online video distribution.
  • Video SEO: Video SEO is an untapped marketing tool that makes your video available to a vast audience. Posting a video online is just the start.
  • Online Video Analytics: Your VP wants to know whether online video marketing is “worth it.” They may have even thrown out the dreaded “ROI” term. What do you do?