The Global Market on Online Video

January 21st, 2012

The world of online video has seen astonishing growth in recent years. A New Era for Online Video whitepaper released by ComScore – a global leader in digital business analytics – confirmed that in October 2011, 1.2 billion people worldwide watched an average of 18 hours each of online video.

That’s more than half of the total time we spend online each month!

As more brands start using online video, they have to think of the strategy behind it. YouTube alone sees 48 hours of video uploaded every minute. That’s a lot of choices for your audience. How do you reach them?

The adage “content is king” is applicable to your online video strategy, too. High internet speeds have inspired even large television networks to jump on the online video bandwagon.

As a result, customers are expecting a rich media experience along with premium content. No one is expecting you to deliver the next “Avatar”, but you should consider the basics of getting clean audio/video in your projects. After all, video is a representation of your brand.

Here are things you should consider when creating your online video marketing strategy:

Quality: Separate yourself from the noise by creating engaging content. Identify your audience and give them a great viewing experience. Research how your end product is being delivered, as adaptive bitrate technology will surge in 2012.

Mobility: Your online video content should be reaching smartphones, tablets, iPads and set-top boxes. People who own these devices tend to be major consumers of online video.

Shareable: Make your content shareable across social media platforms and via email. More than 100 million people take a social action – sharing, commenting on, or rating a video – on YouTube every week, according to ComScore.

Analytics: In the end, you need to know that your investment in online video is working. Make sure you are working with a video platform that gives metrics on engagement, geographic region and video conversion rates.